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Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM)

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Features of This Course

Certified SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM)​

  • Master the art of maximizing ROI for both products and projects

  • Gear up to secure high-paying Product Owner Product Manager roles

  • Experiential learning, real-life simulations, role-plays, case studies and more!

  • Delivery Partner – Advance Agility, that is a Scaled Agile, Inc. Gold Partner
What can you expect from SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Course?

A SAFe Product Owner (PO) acts as the team’s customer representative and collaborates with Product Management and other stakeholders, such as other Product Owners, to define and rank the stories in the Team Backlog in order to ensure that the system or solution effectively addresses program priorities while preserving the technical integrity of the features or components the team is accountable for developing. The PO is the only team member with the authority to accept stories as completed, and they play a vital role in quality

As the internal customer voice for the Agile Release Train (ART), a SAFe Product Manager (PM) collaborates with Product Owners to continuously create and present the customer vision to the development teams. To guarantee that the solution complies with pertinent standards and other system quality requirements, the product manager defines the features of the system, creates an economically prioritised backlog for the ART, and takes part in the validation of the suggested feature benefit hypotheses.

Participants in the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager course will learn in-depth concepts about the Agile Release Train (ART), including how it creates value and what participants can do to fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities.

Additionally, they will learn how to write Epics, breakdown them into Features and Stories, plan and carry out Iterations, and plan Program Increments using Lean thinking. Finally, participants gain knowledge of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps culture, as well as how to work effectively with Product Managers and Product Owners and what it takes to continuously improve the ART.

Individuals who take the course become ready to sit for the exam and earn the SAFe® 6 Product Owner/Product Manager certification (POPM).

Benefits of SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Certification

Obtaining the SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) certification can help you take your career to the next level and gain recognition as an elite member of your organization. With POPM certification, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to effectively lead your team to success, all while developing the ability to coordinate the alignment, delivery and collaboration for multiple Agile teams. Additionally, by earning POPM certification, you’ll open new opportunities for career growth and partnerships with top enterprises.

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Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives: Understand the key principles and practices of SAFe for Lean Enterprises, including value streams, the Lean-Agile mindset, and the responsibilities of Product Owners and Product Managers.


  • SAFe for Lean Enterprises

  • Value Streams

  • The Lean-Agile Mindset

  • Responsibilities of Product Owners and Product Managers

Learning Objectives: Master the essential aspects of PI (Program Increment) planning and execution in a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) environment, including crafting a clear Product/Solution Vision, creating Solution and PI Roadmaps.


  • PI Planning

  • The Product/Solution Vision

  • Solution and PI Roadmaps

  • Epics, Features, and Stories

  • The Definition of Done

  • Program Backlog and Kanban

Learning Objectives: Develop proficiency in communicating a clear and compelling vision for Agile teams and programs, skillfully establish PI (Program Increment) objectives, effectively identify, track, and resolve dependencies.


  • Communicate the Vision

  • Establish PI Objectives

  • Manage Dependencies

  • Manage Risks

Learning Objectives: Proficiently utilize User Stories and Story Maps to articulate user needs and align development efforts, execute effective Iteration Planning, implement Team Kanban to visualize and optimize workflow, and conduct Backlog Refinement for enhanced backlog management.


  • User Stories and Story Maps

  • Iteration Planning

  • The Team Kanban

  • Backlog Refinement

  • Iteration Review and Iteration Retrospective

  • DevOps and Release on Demand

Learning Objectives: Master the critical elements of Lean-Agile frameworks by effectively participating in and facilitating the Product Owner (PO) Sync meetings, and skillfully orchestrating System Demos for large-scale solution visibility.


  • The Product Owner (PO) Sync

  • The System Demo

  • The Innovation and Planning Iteration

  • Inspect and Adapt

Learning Objectives: Apply SAFe principles, practices, and tools effectively in real-world scenarios, demonstrating proficiency in implementing SAFe frameworks and methodologies to drive organizational agility.


  • Practicing SAFe

Career Path

Course Completion Certification

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You will receive a course completion certificate post completing all assignments & tasks certifying that you have learned the skills and completed the course successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions


You may get ready for the Certified SAFe POPM test with the help of the SAFe POPM course, which has been carefully created. After completing the course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  1. SAFe® should be used in a lean organization.

  2. Integrate the PO/PM positions with SAFe® Lean-Agile principles and values.

  3. Work together with Agile teams to estimate and predict work.

  4. Program Increment Planning: Investigate Continuous Value

  5. Run the program. Increase and provide ongoing value

  6. Explain the functions of the product manager and owner.

  7. Make a plan for your roles.

  8. Epics should be broken down into features, and then those features should be refined into stories. Customer needs should be represented in program increment planning.

  9. Identifying client requirements

  10. Helping teams perform well as a team

  11. Write stories, capabilities, and epics.

  12. Order product and team backlogs in priority

  13. Deliver a high level of business value

We want to give you the knowledge and abilities necessary to be a successful SAFe Product Owner or Product Manager through our Certified SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager course. You will gain the practical skills employers need in a SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager throughout this two-day program’s engaging and interactive sessions:

  1. Leadership

  2. Coaching

  3. Motivation

  4. Conflict management

  5. Facilitation

  6. Planning and execution of PIs

  7. Supporting execution of program

  8. Training Agile teams

  9. Enhancing team performance

  10. Leading and facilitating change

  11. Directing groups for improved delivering scaled-up company value at its highest level

  12. Identifying customer needs

  13. Directing groups toward increased performance and productivity

  14. Composing epics, skills, features, and tales

  15. The order of the product backlogs and team backlogs

  16. Delivering scaled-up company value at its highest level

You benefit from the SAFe® Scrum Master certification by:

  1. Verify your dedication to maintaining excellence and quality

  2. Showcase your knowledge of SAFe® and enterprise-level Scrum implementation.

  3. Develop your SAFe® career with assurance.

  4. Get noticed in employment interviews or when applying for promotions.

  5. Demand greater pay than your non-certified competitors.

  6. Connect with business leaders and experts in Agile

Agile’s acceptance at the corporate level has been driven by its success at the project and team levels. Agile scaling at the corporate level is very different from adopting it at the team level. By the end of the training and certification program for SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager:

  1. You will be able to make sure that SAFe® is implemented correctly to promote continuous improvement in addition to generating the most ROI.

  2. You will be able to write Features, Epic, and User stories within the SAFe® Framework.

  3. You will be aware of your enterprise-level POPM roles and responsibilities.

In no way. This training is open to professionals in non-IT and IT businesses who want to work in a SAFe® environment. This comprises:

  1. Program or Project Managers

  2. Scrum Masters

  3. Release Train Engineers

  4. Business Analysts

  5. Agile Coaches

  6. SAFe Program Consultants

  7. Development Managers

  8. CTOs

  9. Consultants

  10. Architects

  11. Engineers

  12. Directors

  13. Product Managers

  14. Product Owners

  15. Delivery Managers

  16. Solution Train Engineers

  17. Software Developers

Anyone interested in learning more about the SAFe® framework and developing their skills to use it is welcome to enroll in this course, which has no prerequisites. Although not required, prior work experience in a SAFe context and knowledge of Lean, Agile, or other pertinent certifications would be advantageous.

You must successfully complete a two-day course from a Scaled Agile, Inc. authorized training partner in order to be eligible for the SAFe 5 Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM) certification exam. It would be advantageous to have previous work experience in a SAFe context and knowledge of Lean, Agile, or other pertinent certifications.

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