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Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE)

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Features of This Course

Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE)

  • Equip yourself with a SAFe RTE certification to work in a Lean enterprise

  • Learn to facilitate PI Planning and foster Continuous Exploration

  • Delivery Partner – Advance Agility, that is a Scaled Agile, Inc. Gold Partner
What can you expect from SAFe Release Train Engineer Course?

The Release Train Engineer (RTE), a role exclusive to SAFe®, is one of the three leaders, along with product managers and system architects. This is essential for guiding Agile Release Trains (ARTs) to provide value. This means that in order to make choices based on the right information, the RTE must provide the proper conditions, engage in appropriate discourse, organize appropriate gatherings, and assemble appropriate personnel.

The Release Train Engineer assist in establishing and documenting methods as well as configuring SAFe to the needs of the enterprise.

You will learn how to implement SAFe and continuously enhance PI Planning and other important SAFe events in the SAFe® RTE course. Learn new procedures and mindsets by coaching leaders, teams, and Scrum Masters. Additionally, you’ll receive the instructions and resources required to collaborate well with distributed teams in remote settings.

Benefits of SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification

Obtaining the SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) certification can help you take your career to the next level and gain recognition as an elite member of your organization. With RTE certification, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate the program level events and execution,all while developing your servant leadership abilities. Additionally, by earning RTE certification, you’ll open new opportunities for career growth and partnerships with top enterprises

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Course Curriculum

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the RTE in a Lean enterprise

Learn to apply SAFe principles to drive relentless value across product deliveries

Organize and manage the flow of value through Agile Release Trains

Facilitate PI planning readiness and pre- and post-planning events


Lead and execute a PI, summarize and publish PI objectives


Drive continual improvement through I&A workshops, assess ARTs and help them improve


Act as a servant leader for the ART, facilitate events and smoothen collaboration and communication


Continue your professional development and stay on top of SAFe global practices  


Career Path

Course Completion Certification

Give your resume a BOOST, and join Top Companies with a good package.

You will receive a course completion certificate post completing all assignments & tasks certifying that you have learned the skills and completed the course successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions


A Release Train Engineer (RTE) in the SAFe Agile framework serves as a servant leader and mentor for the Agile Release Train (ART). RTEs are committed to leading the teams in producing value for success and facilitating the ART events and processes.

You can better prepare for the Certified SAFe Release Train Engineer test by taking the SAFe 6 Release Train Engineer course, which has been carefully created.

You will gain the abilities required to facilitate and successfully execute ART procedures, as well as how to coach leaders, Scrum Masters, and teams in the Agile culture and mentality, during this three-day, hands-on SAFe RTE course.

By the end of the course, you’ll be well-versed in the duties of a Release Train Engineer and know how to create value throughout the company. What you can do is:

  • Utilize the tools and knowledge of Lean-Agile to organize and release value.

  • Oversee the implementation of a significant program and solution

  • Encourage and foster constant progress

  • Become a servant leader and coach to build a high-performing ART.

  • Maintain learning progress using an action plan.

With the help of our Certified SAFe Release Train Engineer course, we hope to give you all the tools you need to work as a successful SAFe Release Train Engineer in a lean organization. You will gain the practical abilities employers seek in a release train engineer during this three-day program’s interesting and interactive activities, specifically:

  • Leading and actioning change

  • Facilitating ART processes

  • Creating and driving momentum

  • Streamlining complex scenarios

  • Soft skills for stakeholder management

  • Planning PI events and SAFe rituals

  • Enabling alignment across levels

  • Relentless ART improvement

  • Coaching stakeholders and leaders

The SAFe Release Train Engineer Certification is meant to give you the knowledge and abilities you need to lead effectively in a SAFe company.

This training course’s successful completion satisfies the prerequisite for the SAFe Release Train Engineer certification and equips you with the knowledge necessary to ace the exam the first time.

You will assist enterprises in executing and releasing value at scale as a SAFe certified Release Train Engineer. As a servant leader and coach, you will be able to support the execution of major solutions and programs and create a high performance ART. Your qualification will put you ahead of the competition and open up rewarding professional options.

This training is open to all professionals interested in working in a SAFe context. Scaled Agile, Inc. strongly advises having knowledge of Agile principles, a prior SAFe certification, and prior product management, product ownership, or company ownership experience to get the most out of the training.

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