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Top 5 Techniques For increasing Employee performance

How do you get employees to perform better? Use these 5 techniques to increase employee performance. These 5 techniques are based on human nature and help you keep employees motivated and happy. Read more here.


As a manager strides into the office among the staff, they have the power to set an upbeat and positive tone that lasts throughout the working day.

Words, gestures, facial expressions; all of these things contribute to a person’s overall attitude and their perception of where they stand in relation with others. Unconsciously you are telling your employees how you feel about them by the level of care they receive.

We think that without having to say it directly, good managers make quite an impression on their teams by simply allowing them to do what they do best while being there as a support system if needed. 

Keeping your employees motivated is a vital part of being a manager, and it’s important to not take this for granted. If your employees feel they are an integral part of your organization, they will be much more willing to work with you because they will have a stake in what you’re doing and also has a much higher chance in being promoted as well because you’ve given them a sense of worth by appreciating what they do.

Giving employees bonuses and raises is important, but it’s also important to remember that simply feeling valued is sometimes even more so than being valued by what you have on the plate already.

Top 5 techniques for increasing employee performance

  1. Let them feel your presence:

    It may sound silly to welcome employees with a cheery greeting, but when you think about the broader picture, it makes sense. Your employees will be more willing to do their best if they feel appreciated and happy at work. A bit of friendly banter early in the day can spark their enthusiasm and give them a ton of confidence.
  2. Verbal Acknowledgement

    It doesn’t have to be cliché or exaggerated. Often, showing your employees respect by simply saying please and thank you can be an effective way to motivate them.
  3. Set clear expectations

    Communicating with your employees about what’s expected of them is essential to completing projects efficiently and avoiding confusion. We all make mistakes from time to time so it’s no secret that job objectives will change – but it is important to keep your employees in the loop about changes so that they can be more efficient, motivated and competent in their jobs, which will ultimately benefit everyone involved with the company!
  4. Provide employees regular feedback

    As a manager, it is important to always show your team that you appreciate their hard work. It’s equally important to point out when they’ve made mistakes and give them constructive criticism so they can improve in future tasks. The best way for a manager to handle these sorts of situations is to first use the open dialogue and discuss the situation with your coworker respectfully. Most people, especially those who are conscientious and willing to learn, will take this kind of feedback positively, as an opportunity to improve on their professional skills.
  5. Generate consequences

    Not only do you want to notify an employee when they’re doing a good job — it’s also important to show them appreciation for working hard. A thank-you card or gift is a great way to acknowledge their efforts and keep them motivated as they work toward company goals.

    Do this consistently so that workers learn what “good work” looks like; if there are no consequences for bad performance, then other workers will assume that nothing’s expected of them either. When there is a need for discipline, make sure both managers and employees agree on the consequences for noncompliance with company standards; written communication about this helps ensure consistency.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to increase employee performance. It is crucial that people understand that their performance has a direct impact on their business.

If your employees are not performing to the potential that they have, there needs to be a change. If you want to learn more about increasing the performance of your employees, or if you need help with other HR needs, please feel free to contact us.

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